There *is* only one way… my way

I was reading Chuck Wendig’s blog.  It’s about indie publishing and I’m not following the links to the kindle boards, because I’ve done that and I refuse to go down that rabbit hole again.

I just want to say this.


For me.

I do traditional, digital and self-publishing.  My Kit books are selfpublished and they outsell a lot of my digital books.  I self published some really, and I mean really hot erotic romances…some did okay, one totally tanked.  But my UF books under another name? The ones that aren’t romance?  They outsell the romance stuff, the hot stuff.  They are probably some of the bestselling books I have.  They have more reviews than any other book I have out there.  And they aren’t even a year old.  New York didn’t want them.  Go figure.

I didn’t do anything really special with my self published books.  The erotic romance that I thought would sell really huge? Didn’t do all that great.  It didn’t suck, but it didn’t do what I’d hoped it would.  So the follow-up I’ve been planning to do just sits on the shelf.  I may finish it, I may not, but it’s not priority.

The UF titles?  I hoped they would do okay, but I wasn’t really expecting them to-to be honest, I’ve stopped hoping for things, but nothing I do seems to click, but this one is doing better than I would have let myself hope for. And it’s not romance, it’s not what I’m ‘known’ for.  It’s not…’my way’, so to speak.

The bottom line? There is no ‘way’ except the one you find for yourself.  If you’re out there screaming, or even quietly saying, traditional is best or indie is best or telling your books via figurative dance is the absolutely only way to do it?  Well.  Maybe it is.  For you.

Let everybody else find their own way.