WRECKing it up…who is it?


Welcome to Shiloh Walker’s latest and greatest latest and weirdest way to spread the word about new books.  This time, she enlisted fellow authors Helenkay Dimon, Thea Harrison and Alyssa Day and there is absolutely NO THEFT taking place…she didn’t go on a rampage and steal things.  She’s not trying to reunite lost lovers…nope.

These four authors are going to descend upon each other’s blogs and cause a tiny little bit of chaos.  I really wanted to WRECK things, but I didn’t think I could talk them into letting me crash our websites and that kind of defeats the purpose of promoting our new releases if you can’t access the website to read about them, right?

So…instead, we’ll just switch things up a little…you play a guessing game and right or wrong, you get entered for fun prizes.  Visit each blog, you get entered each time.  It’s easy!


This author calls her man Navy Guy.  She just spent a year in Japan.  It’s possible she used to be a lawyer…and she has a thing for B movies.

Who is she?


The Grendel roared out another threat, something about eating his nuts, maybe.  He wasn’t sure.  Grendels weren’t the brightest, even in their human forms.  Just then moonlight glinted off a very large something in the creature’s ham-sized fist, and he dove for her, pushing her flat against the roof just as the gun went off.

“He has a gun,” she said.  “An axe and a gun.”

“I noticed that,” he murmured, distracted by the feel of her body underneath him.  He was going to hell a thousand times over for this, but he hadn’t been this close to a woman in longer than he cared to admit, and he took a moment to simply enjoy the feel of her body against his.

“He has a gun,” she repeated, her eyes enormous in her pale face.  “We need to do something before he figures out a way to get up here.”

“Grendels don’t like heights,” he said, breathing in her scent, touching his forehead to hers before rubbing his cheek against her silky skin.  “I swore to stay away from you, you know?  Swore to myself.  And yet here we are.”



So… which author do think this is? Is it Shiloh Walker, Helenkay Dimon, Thea Harrison and Alyssa Day

You can visit our sites…look through our latest releases, or just take a random guess.  Right or wrong, you’re entered!


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

190 Replies to “WRECKing it up…who is it?”

  1. It’s totally Alyssa 😀
    Although the lawyer bit could be tricksies cuz two of them you four are lawyers. And actually, the same two have ties to Japan… Well played!

  2. It could only be the awesome Alyssa Day. Loved her Atlantis series.

  3. Alyssa Day (thanks to her hubby for his service and to her and her family for their sacrifices!). Great contest, thanks!

  4. If I can put anyone.. I say Mary Shelley. (Sp?)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. what a wonderful contest & a great opportunity a great authors to boot ! I’m still learning a lot of new stuff about “pinning” and I don’t tweet,I still have issues navigating Facebook !! lol

  6. I’m afraid I will have to guess, Alyssa Day. I probably should go to the websites, slap myself.

  7. Alyssa Day for sure! I’m a vets wife so Thank Your Husband for his Service…

  8. It’s Ms. Alyssa Day. The Mistress of The Warriors of Poseiden…..

  9. I believe it is Alyssa Day. Sounds like a contempary book for us stay at home people! Would make a good read.

  10. Oh I know this is Alyssa Day. She’s been living in Japan and her husband is in the Navy 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Im gonna guess Alyssa Day along with everyone else. Thank you for great giveaway.

  12. Um… really going out on a limb here… could it be Sandra Day O’Connor Alyssa Day?

  13. Oops… tried to do a strikeout in HTML and it didn’t work. Guess that’s what I get for tryin’ to be funny!

  14. I belive Helenkay Dimond is a lawyer, so I think she wrote this despite being in the minority.

  15. Thank Ya for the Giveaway…

    Which author do think this is? Hmmm…. I think she is ღღAlyssa Dayღღ


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