Vacation… I am ON IT!

But, so you all don’t get bored…




from WRECKED… due out REALLY soon.


“Not happening. All you want to do is get up and start having a meltdown, sugar.” He moved tugged on her foot and said, “Come here.”

She blinked at him. “What?”

Heaving out a sigh, he reached for her and hauled her into his lap.

She stiffened and shoved against his chest. “Zach, would you—”

“Calm down,” he said easily. He settled her on his lap. She’d spent more than a few nights like this when she’d been falling apart. Either on his lap while she cried after her dad died, or curled up against him after a marathon movie session. It shouldn’t be a big deal. Why it suddenly felt so different, she didn’t know. Unless it was just post-break-up stress. Yeah. Had to be that.

“You’re too wound up about this,” Zach said quietly. He stroked a hand down her back and eased her against his chest.

Wound up. Yes, she was definitely that and there was no denying that she was certainly freaked out about the current chaos of her life, but that wasn’t the only problem. That was what really had her sitting there so rigid and unyielding, despite the fact that she wanted to wilt against him and just . . . be. Just like that.

Except if she didn’t relax, he was going to figure out, fast, that something was up. Then she’d have to lie or something because she couldn’t very well tell him that she was having these crazy thoughts. And great, now she was rambling inside her own head.

Get a grip. She took a slow, deep breath and blew out it. Focusing on the dragon that wrapped around his left bicep, she stared at the scales. Wound up. Yes. She was. But it was hard to say what she was more worked up over, the screwed-up wreck that was her life, or the hot mess that was her body.

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