The state of things…finally, all fixed. Night Blade

The correct files are up on B&N.

I’m reposting some stuff that’s been posted.

Again, thanks for being so patient.  I can’t undo this or make up for this mess, but I’ve marked the book down $3.99 for the next month… hopefully it helps a little.

The pricing is already in effect on B&N, Amazon & iBooks.


Overdrive: file up, price up
Sony: file up, price in process
Kobo: file up, price in process
Baker & Taylor: file being checked, price in process
Amazon: file and price both showing in the back end, still under pursuit

Price up just means they are in the process of getting the price adjusted.  It’s never as easy as pushing a button, right?

For the various fixes on devices, see below…

Okay, so as of now, if you haven’t bought NIGHT BLADE, it’s available on Kindle and the file is fine.

As of this posting, as far as I know, every retailer now has the correct files.

iBookstore | Amazon | BN | Kobo | Smashwords | ARe

If the file is still showing wrong, please see the fix for your device/app.

Nook: archive, go to archived items, and redownload
Kindle: Remove from device, then redownload
Kobo: archive the book, and then redownload
Apple: delete this copy, go to purchased books bookshelf, redownload

On various readers other than Nook, this should be the process…

all they have to do is delete the book and redownload when the update is live. They don’t need to ask for a refund, or do anything other than redownload the book.

With the Nook:

For B&N, you have to archive, then go into your archive, and redownload.

This process worked fine for my phone/ipad nook apps, not so well on my PC app.  I’ve asked about that and once I get an answer, I’ll post.

If THESE THINGS don’t help…it’s probably time to contact customer service. Most are able to push the right file to your device.

To contact Amazon… go here… (You’ll have to be signed in or this will lead you to a sign-in screen)

To contact BN… go here (offers live chat, email, etc)

Kobo… this page, down on the very bottom right, look for the contact customer care, will offer you three options, pick your poison. :)

I know this is frustrating.  I can’t fix it, but I’ll try to make it up to you all.

I’ve already been asked about doing something from Damon’s POV and although I don’t hear his voice the way I hear Kit’s, maybe in a few weeks, I’ll see what I can do about a short POV piece, but I need to give people a chance to read Night Blade first, because I’m talking spoiler city.  I also think there’s one area in particular where people want to hear his voice and…um…no.  I’m not doing that until more people read the book.

Thanks to all you who have been so patient.  I appreciate it.

Less than two left too enter the contest for Kit’s Very Bad Job.  Also… there’s a chance to win a ‘date’ with me…drinks on me!  At either RT2013 or Lori Foster’s … and ten minutes with my laptop.  You can maybe find secrets about what’s in store for Kit if I am able to continue with the series. Info here

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  1. I just wanted to let you know, that after the mix up I went to Smashwords on Monday and downloaded because I just couldn’t wait to read it. And I freakin’ LOVED it!!!! Absolutely wonderful, but……. holy c**p I have to wait an entire year for Broken Blade?!? The wait is going to be killer!! Great job

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