The current status of Night Blade

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From I’ve heard from the book’s distributor…

The files are now being updated/transferred to the retailers… these go out to a LOT of places and it’s not as easy as a click of a button, so it will take some time to get them to all retailers and it take a little more time for the files to get thru the retailers’ various systems. Even uploading to Smashwords ( a very simple system takes a file anywhere from 20-40 minutes to go live sometimes) and when I handled this, the files took a day or so to go live on Amazon. I appreciate your patience and once I see know it’s all finished and we can start looking for the fixed files, I’ll let you know.

YOU DON’T NEED TO REQUEST A REFUND… unless you don’t want to read the book anymore.


From what I was told, if you have the book and read via one of the apps (iPad/iPhone)…

Nook: archive, go to archived items, and redownload
Kindle: Remove from device, then redownload
Kobo: archive the book, and then redownload
Apple: delete this copy, go to purchased books bookshelf, redownload

On various readers other than Nook, this should be the process…

all they have to do is delete the book and redownload when the update is live. They don’t need to ask for a refund, or do anything other than redownload the book.

With the Nook:

For B&N, you have to archive, then go into your archive, and redownload.

Please note, none of this will work until the file is fixed. I’ll post here once I know that happens. I’m going to figure that will happen once I see the ‘warning’ off Amazon’s page.

I’m very sorry about this and I’m every bit as frustrated as you all are.  Thanks for your patience, and I’ll let you know once I hear more. And… FYI… I’m going to drink LOTS of wine tonight. Cuz I feel like it.