Holding out for a heroine…


Zach Barnes read the note. Then he dropped it, pressed his fingers to his eyes and rubbed. He’d been up late last night, working on some designs. He was tired. That was all. He’d read it again and the message would be different.

He knew it.

But when he picked it back up, the message remained the same.

Abby called. Wedding is off.

The wedding. The day he’d been dreading for the past year. He had it circled in black marker on his calendar and although nobody else knew, he’d taken to calling it “Black Saturday.” The bleakest fucking day of his entire life . . . the day the woman he loved was going to marry somebody else.

It was two months away and he’d been wishing like hell he could be anywhere else, do anything else, even if it involved hot coals, torture, and fire ants. But when your best friend was getting married, you had to be there. Especially when she’d asked you to give her away.

He was going to have to walk her down the aisle. He was going to have to lift her damn veil . . . So what if it was viscerally painful for him? It didn’t matter that he’d been in love with her his entire life. She’d found the man she wanted to marry and it wasn’t him. He had to deal with it, right?

Except this message said the wedding was off. It wasn’t adding up in his head.

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