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From The Reunited… out now…

Whatever it was freezing his brain, it was like a boa constrictor or something, and it loosened just enough that he was able to snarl out, “For now.”

Then it was gone. Whatever weird energy that had been freezing him, pressing in on him and sucking out his ability to move, even think, it was just gone.

He could move, could think. Although he could barely breathe . . . flickers from Dru’s mind danced through his own and he wanted to kill. So badly, it was a scream in his brain.  He tightened his hand on his weapon, but the object of his wrath wasn’t here.

It had to wait, though. Had to, because he hadn’t been able to miss the urgency in Vaughnne’s voice.

“Where are you, Vaughnne?” he asked.

Two of them, Dru and her companion, gave him startled looks.

Nalini just checked her weapon.

Just start moving. I’ll get you here the best I can.

Not very reassuring, that. But it would have to work. They were now on borrowed time.

The red-haired son of a bitch studied him and Nalini before tugging off his pack. A few seconds later, night-vision goggles hit his chest. When he looked back at him, the guy just smiled. “Me and lights don’t always mesh well. I like to be prepared.”

“Imagine that,” Joss muttered as he put them on. Glaring at the other man, he asked, “You got a name?”

“Sure. Call me Tucker.”

Tucker. Asshole suited him better, Joss figured.

Somehow said asshole ended up in front. Twice, they had to stop and Joss felt that power rip through the night, those little pop, pop, pops . . . it seemed so innocuous, but it was like the force of a hurricane trapped inside one drop of rain.

Once, Tucker caught somebody—he moved so fast, Joss barely saw what he did as he jerked off one glove, then laid his hand on the guy’s throat. Light flashed between them—the light had glowed. Just . . . emanated from Tucker’s hand, flowed into the other man’s neck. A second later, Tucker let him go and the man crashed to the ground like a fallen tree.

Joss didn’t know if he was dead, but at the moment, he couldn’t even let himself worry about it.

More people. Too many, milling in the darkness, panicking, shouting for flashlights, screaming about phones. Too many. Joss used his gun to club one of them over the back of his head. Nalini, with her devious little smile, laid her hands on the two closest to her, and they slid to the floor with a smile. He turned to check on Dru as the agent pulled a couple of cable ties from her belt.

Dru was nowhere to be found.

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