Randoms Qs… answered

Just a post of random Qs I’ve been getting alot…


Highly unlikely.  I just finished it.  It now has to go to the editor 1. Come back to me. Go back to her.  Come back to me. Go to copyeditor.  I’d like to find another copyeditor. I might ask for a couple of select beta readers who are very good at finding typos.  It needs cover art.  It needs a blurb.  It needs to get uploaded to the distribution platforms and reviews.  All of this takes time.  All of this is important, on my end, because in order for me to be able to continue these books, they have to do well, and this is the process that has worked so far, so I can’t skip these steps.  I’m sorry.

Will the Kit books come to audio/be in print?

They will be released in print.  Book 1 is already in print.  The second book is in progress, will hopefully be ready in mid-March, April at the latest.

Audio?  Not very likely. From what I’ve been told, most audio pubs don’t tend to take on indie titles and I’ve self pubbed these books. I’d love to see it happen, but I’m not going to bet on it.  I’m sorry.  I can’t do it myself…I’ve looked into it and it’s financially just not feasible (I’d have to mortgage a kidney if I wanted to do it right).

Will WRECKED be in audio?

I’d love for that to happen!  So far…it hasn’t.

Will there be more FBI psychics?

Yes…two this year, actually…there’s a novella coming from Samhain, called THE UNWANTED (more on that later) and THE PROTECTED.

Will you be at …. (Romantic Times, RWA, Lori Foster’s, Authors After Dark, RomCon etc, etc, etc)?

I will be at RT…you can find me in the bar, at this panel, at the indie expo and at the book fair.  Tweet me! I’m @shilohwalker.

I will be at Lori Foster’s… always!

I don’t know about Nationals…I’m still trying to decide.

I won’t be at Authors After Dark… I’ve tried to get on the author list, but they limit author registration and I haven’t ever been invited.

RomCon doesn’t ever work out timing wise.

will be at this cool new event in Sandusky…Speed Reader Weekend… coasters and racing, fun, huh?

I’ll be at a local event in Madison, Indiana on March 16, signing from 11-2.  It’s at THAT BOOK PLACE, and you can read about it here.

Two other things that will involve booksignings…I’m attending the Washington Area Romance Writers Retreat and there’s a pre-retreat booksigning at Turn the Page. That’s in April.  There’s one other thing coming up but I don’t have much info on it yet.


I am not telling you.  You will have to read the book.  But I’m told it’s worth it.  You might want chocolate, kleenex and wine, though. I’m told it helps.



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  1. OK. I know this may be too late and unwelcome, but you know – nothing ventured and all that… I am a word Nazi. I think I could be a good copy editor beta (if there is such a thing). I am disturbed by misspellings and the incorrect use of apostrophes, commas and semicolons. I’m not an English major, I’m just a little uptight – possibly extremely uptight. If you would like to take a chance on me, I’m cheap (a.k.a. FREE). I have enjoyed many of your works (haven’t read all of them). Thanks for the hours of entertainment. 🙂

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