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Lying there on the bed, curled around her, Joss was almost convinced that this was everything he’d ever need.

But when he leaned in to press his lips to her shoulder, those shields were still there. Still solid and cool and impenetrable. Sighing, he buried his face against her hair. “Why are you still shutting me out?”

She stroked a hand down his arm. “It’s easier that way, lover,” she murmured.

“Easier. Easier how?”

One silent moment stretched out into another, and then finally, she rose.

Joss sat up, staring at her.

He’d wanted to make love to her again, but somehow, he didn’t think that would be happening just yet. And soon, he had to figure out where Jones was, get his ass back on the job. But this first.

“You don’t really want me to stop shutting you out, Joss.” Dru said rose from the bed.

As she started to get dressed, he studied her. “And why is that?”

A bitter smirk twisted her lips. “Because once you’ve heard the entirety of what I’ve had to do since I started working this job, you . . .” Her voice hitched. She paused in the middle of putting her bra on, pressing her lips together. She lowered her head, her shining dark hair falling to shield her expression.

When she looked back at him, her expression was as remote, distant as the sun. “You won’t want me anymore. I can tell you that.”

“Nothing could make that happen…”

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