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The Reunited

He knew her face.

Joss Crawford wasn’t prone to melodrama, he wasn’t prone to wishful thinking and he didn’t much believe in fairy tales or anything about crazy tales of love at first sight.

But he knew there was a woman for him–he’d been searching for her his entire life, had dreamed about her, for always.  He looked for her in every face he saw, waited for the moment he’d find her again.

And here she was, striding down the pavement, her face grim, her eyes dark…the sight of her was a punch, straight to his heart.  She didn’t look like she should, part of his brain insisted.  The rest of him didn’t care.  He knew her, in his gut, in his heart, in his soul.

Standing rigid, barely able to breathe, much less move, he waited for her to look at him, to see him…to know him.  But it didn’t happen.

In fact, she was so busy staring at the pavement and making a concentrated effort to ignore everything around her, she didn’t even seem to notice him.  She went to pass around him and he just couldn’t stop himself–he stepped right into her path so that she crashed straight into his chest.

She plowed into him, that body, all lean limbs and long muscles and golden, sunkissed skin, a nice, solid weight that he figured would fit his body just about perfectly.  She stumbled and he reached up, closed his hands around the upper part of her arms, where the cotton of her shirt kept him from touching bare flesh.

He wanted to touch bare flesh…after all of this time, he figured he just about needed to.  But not now.

Right now, she was staring up at him with dazed, distrustful eyes–wariness flashed through them and he felt her tense.

“You…”  Shit.  He didn’t even know what to say.  A total stranger, and that’s what he’d seem like to her, he knew.  How could he tell her he’d been dreaming of her for always?  Waiting. Searching.  Absently, without realizing it, he stroked his thumb across her arm, and it rubbed across the bare skin just below the sleeve of her shirt.

As bare skin touched bare skin, he felt something…a buzz in his brain.

And more…he felt the echo of it in her brain.  Followed by a blinding rush of knowledge.

Her pupils flared.  She sucked in a breath.  “You…

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23 thoughts on “Because I can… starting early! Contest!

  1. Lexxie

    Oh, and I didn’t see the question before I posted my first answer… legendary lovers, eh? Can I decide what I think is legendary?

    I didn’t like Romeo and Juliet all that much, communication could have solved almost all of their problems 😀 I think I’ll have to go with Dracula and Mina, even if it isn’t completely sure if they were lovers.

  2. Patty

    I loved the movie and the main characters in Tristan and Isolde!! Although you could always go with Arthur and Genievere.

  3. Limecello

    Ugh. Stupid phone.. The way it keeps jumping around I’m about to have a seizure >:(

    ANYWAY favorite legendary lovers? Gosh. Hades and Persephone? You know, if she eventually fell in love with him and you ignore the creepy. Scarlet and Rhett… Selene and Endymion? Obviously I like classical mythology 😀

  4. Zita R

    Love that excerpt, looking forward to reading “The Reunited”. My favorite legendary lovers? First thing I thought of being a Jane Austen fan was Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice. Their story gets me every time but it’s not legendary so I have to go with the lovers of Camelot, King Arthur and Guinevere, they were the truer lovers of that story.

  5. Diane

    Eve Dallas and Roarke from the In Death series!!!! I’m re-reading Delusion in Death right now since Calculated in Death is coming out soon.

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