Another snippet from BEAUTIFUL SCARS…

Just a note… BEAUTIFUL SCARS will come out in print at some point.  Probably in 2014.  That’s how my titles with my digital publishers work…the ebook is first, with print to follow.  🙂

Beautiful Scars

Thanks for all the feedback I’ve gotten on this book… it’s been kinda amazing.  This review, in particular, kind blew me away.

Here’s another snippet from the book.

He could hear her singing along with him. He might have asked her to sing louder, but he knew she wouldn’t want to. She never did much care for that. Still, he liked listening to her. He’d play again and have her sing with him when it was just them…then he realized he was thinking about spending more time with her.

A lot more…

The song ended and he made himself stop thinking, giving himself up to the music.

He did “True Believer” next, the song that had gotten him his big break. From there, he didn’t bother asking, he just played. He forgot about the people around him. The only one who mattered was Chaili. From the corner of his eye, he glanced her way and his heart banged against his ribs as he realized she was watching his hands.

Seriously watching his hands. Almost the same way he’d been watching her mouth, he suspected. And there was a glassy little glint in her eyes—

Hunger burned in his gut, a terrible little knot that was taking on a life of its own.

He wanted Chaili. He’d managed to bash sexual hunger into submission over the past few years, letting it out in controlled, very controlled bursts, but this was…fuck.

This was gutting him.

A discordant chord filled the air and it jolted him back to reality. The song was nearly over anyway and he finished, pushed back and held out his hand to Chaili. They were leaving. He didn’t know where they were going—he’d take her home if she insisted, but what he really wanted to do was take her to his place.

Take her there…and then take her, damn it.

Is this smart?

It was the calm, rational little voice in his head, the one he usually ignored.

This is Chaili…a friend. And not just any friend. She matters more than most…right?


She did. It was almost enough to make him stop. Almost.

But the hunger inside him was a monster.

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