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Beautiful Scars


Beautiful Scars releases soon, and I’m counting down to that…Two weeks!

I’ll be posting random snippets and giving away random prizes.  How to win? Just enter via the widget, and make sure you check back. 😉

“You’re being…” Snapping his mouth shut, he bit back anything he could say that would make things any worse than he’d already made them. “Can we maybe just rewind things? Go back to before we woke up? Please?


Letting his hand fall away from her arm, he backed away a step. “This isn’t done, damn it. I get it…you’re mad at me. I know you well enough to know that.”

“No, you don’t,” she whispered, lowering her head.

Finally, she looked back at him and for a moment he saw something other than that blank, smiling mask she’d been showing him all damned morning. It was the pain he’d glimpsed in her eyes. Right after he’d fucked things up. “If you knew me all that well, you’d know I’m not pissed.” Her gaze roamed over his face and she went to turn away.

His heart stuttered and then stopped beating when she paused, whirled back around and came up to him, cupped the back of his head. As her lips crushed to his, he went to grab her.

But she was gone in the next breath, striding down the sidewalk, and she didn’t look back.

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15 Replies to “Another Beautiful Scars Snippet…”

  1. I don’t have a favorite theme, my only request is the HEA; that’s why I read romance!

  2. My favorite theme in romance is many of the ones you mentioned – friends to lovers, two strangers joining for a mutual cause (although they may have different agendas. I like most anything – love to read. Your books are great! Thanks for sharing them with us! Happy New Year!

  3. friends to lovers and the boy next door. I kinda like the suprise factor when the guy next door falls hard for his neighbor that’s been there forever almost.

  4. I don’t like the boy next door. I’m more into the alpha males. Sometimes I can handle the friends to lovers, but more likely to enjoy the unknown. I’m not usually a fan of the “love at first site” and I see a lot of that (especially in PNR). I think I’ve just read too much of it.

  5. I like all kinds of themes but one of my favs is the younger sister and brothers best friend……

  6. I really like the Beauty and the Beast theme… Also, friends to lovers– especially when it’s the guy who’s been in love with the girl 🙂 Doesn’t always have to be the girl who’s pining! Just sayin’! 😉

  7. My favorite themes in romance.. Hrm.. That would probably be abused heroines, and unrequited love. Not necessarily in the same book though lol

  8. I really like the friends to lovers theme. The connection between the characters always seems more real that way.

  9. I love the enemies finding each other, =) makes for nice time with *rawr* in the bedroom LOL

    best wishes, Linda

  10. I love mentally or physically scarred or disabled characters, opposites attract, and Beauty/Beast type stories.

  11. As long as it has a HEA and no cheating between the H/H, I like most themes, though enemies to lovers is always fun. As another commenter mentioned, Beauty/ Beast is also good – the big, scary guy finding the wman he’d do anything for because she loves him, etc…

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