Counting down…

No…not to the New Year.

Beautiful Scars


Beautiful Scars releases soon, and I’m counting down to that…Two weeks!

I’ll be posting random snippets and giving away random prizes.  How to win? Just enter via the widget, and make sure you check back. 😉

Two seconds later, he was reaching for her.

Stunned, she couldn’t think. As his lips covered hers, she just couldn’t think.

Marc was kissing her.

Damn it.

Marc was kissing her—

Had she drank more wine than she’d thought?

“Open your mouth,” he snarled against her lips, a harsh, urgent command in his voice. “Give me your mouth.”

Dazed, she did just that, opened for him.

His arms came around her as his tongue stroked across the bottom of her lip, slowly, seductively…teasingly. Oh, hell. She was in trouble. Big, big trouble…

And she didn’t plan on doing anything to stop it, either. Not when he broke his mouth away to brush a line of stinging, hot kisses down her neck to her shoulder. Not when he stroked a hand up her thigh, the other cupping the back of her head.

Alarm, though, started to sound when he toyed with the fastening of her dress—alarm that would give way to terror if she let it.

Refusing to let that happen, she wiggled around until she was straddling his lap, her arms looped around his shoulders. Through the bodice of her dress, she felt the warmth of his breath, and when he pressed his mouth to her breastbone, she figured she needed to call a stop to this here and now. He didn’t know and she just couldn’t…

“Chaili…fuck, what have you got on under this skirt?”

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41 Replies to “Counting down…”

  1. Your books are always great and I always have a hard time waiting for the next one. Thanks for taking me away on numerous occasions into another world

  2. One of my all time favorite songs is “Save the Last Dance for Me” by Michael Buble – I just literally love that song and listen to it at least once a day:) Thanks for the giveaway

  3. At the moment i´m in lurv with Adele´s Skyfall and Muse´s Madness. Anything by U2, Iron Maiden or music from 80´s and 90´s has me dancing, though. =D
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy New Year!
    (Linda Larsson on FB, fr_larsson at hotmail dot com or readourlips dot l at gmail dot com on Google+) (Oh and fr_larsson on Twitter)

  4. An irresistible song for me is Jason Mraz’s Butterfly. Listening to him sing it gives me goosebumps!

  5. BON JOVI’s Always has been it for me. Even though it’s not what most of us think when we hear it. The singer is actually a twisted jerk but there is so much passion in Jon’s voice that I get sucked right in :).
    Thank you.


  6. Recently found Madness by Muse which I listen to often, also Keith Urban’s Only You Can Love Me This Way.

    Happy New Year!

  7. I already pre-ordered it and can’t wait!

    As for a song, hmmm, I have to pick just one? LOL! It’s always so hard. Pentatonix is one of my favorite groups to listen to at the moment, so if I had to pick a song I guess I’d go with their version of Love You Long Time. I love their YouTube covers as well!

  8. I have lots of new favorite songs but one that i adore no matter how my music tastes change is coat of many colors by Dolly Parton .

  9. can’t wait for this one! I have a ton of favorite songs, As long as it has a good hook, Im good

  10. I have a bunch of songs that are I just love love love. One of my favorite is Take Me As I Am by Sugarland.

  11. Looking forward to this one.

    As for favorite songs, no one in particular…anything by Maroon 5 or Celtic Thunder works for me.

  12. I think I like the friends to lover story. Someone you are familiar with that you see in a new light.

  13. I like lovers who save one another…physically/emotionally/spiritually…who find a way to complement to each other. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I do not mind a dirty talking hero. Can’t think of one right now but they can be fun.

  15. I love a dirty talking hero *rawr* it´s hot knowing what he wants to do with me

    best wishes, Linda
    fr_larsson at hotmail dot com

  16. Dirty talking is so naughty so “yea”…right now I just finished Reflected in You and have to say Gideon is hot!

  17. It can really spice things up especially if its a bad boy character. But its its a total good type not so much as it seems too out of character. It needs to fit.

  18. Holy Sexiness that cover is HOT!!! give me a dirty talking bad boy any day 🙂


  19. A dirty mouth is great when sex is involved – not so much elsewhere. Give me a bad boy anyday though – hmm….maybe Kristen Ashley’s Ty Walker – yum!

  20. This book sounds like a must read! I also love Marc Cohn and “Walking in Memphis”.

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