Saturday Snippets… HOLIDAY!

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A twist on A Christmas Carol… I so love twisting things up…

Eben Marley walked out of the main offices of Venture Advertising, his briefcase held loosely in one hand, his eyes flicking to his watch. The merry calls all around him went unheeded.

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Somebody brushed a hand down his arm, and a scent he had never forgotten surrounded him.

Slowly, he turned his head, already knowing who he’d see—Cara.

The pretty administrative assistant smiled at him, her eyes not reflecting the smile. A charming dimple winked in her cheek as she brushed her hair back out of her face.

The soft scent of her body drifted to his nostrils and he breathed it in deep, feeling it like a punch in his belly.

Three years… He could recall just how long it had been, and his body flared to sudden rampant life.

“Cara,” he said, inclining his head at her, lifting a brow as he waited.

Maybe…just maybe… The thought never had time to complete itself. “I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Mr. Marley,” she said before cutting sharply to the right to catch up with some friends.

Mr. Marley.

As she walked away, those words mocked him. A three-year-old memory loomed large in his mind. Just one night—one that had haunted every waking thought for months, until finally, he’d forced her out of his thoughts, suppressing the memory of that night. Except for his dreams.

She still haunted his dreams.

One night…that pretty admin, in the elevator at the Grand as he whisked her up to a room where he had fucked her throughout the night, starting with a quickie in the elevator after he’d pushed the stop button. It had ended with him leaving her the next morning with orders for his driver to take her home while he attended to business.

As she walked away, her head bent low against the wind, a memory of that sleek little body wrapped around his, grabbed him by the throat—err, maybe the throat wasn’t a good term—he mused as his cock started to throb within the constraints of his underwear and trousers.

Now destined to spend the night hungering for another taste of her, he rolled his eyes and muttered, “Yeah…merry Christmas.”

His idea of “merry” was knowing how much money people sank into advertising for Christmas. His company’s profits were above last year’s, and his own personal bank account was all but groaning.

That was the only thing that interested him about Christmas. Sooner or later, he might slow down enough to have some fun. A rich, husky laugh reached his ears, drifting to him on the wind, as he arrived at the black car waiting at the curb. He stopped, turned his head—the admin assistant, laughing in delight as she accepted a gift from somebody Eben placed as being in accounting.

A night with her definitely would be an improvement over the paperwork he planned to go over. She was grinning with delight as she tore into the present, and he groaned as another image, one he hadn’t thought of in years, rushed to the front of his mind…that girl…Cara…sliding him that wide, wicked grin just before she’d closed her lips over his cock.

Tearing his eyes away from her lovely face, he ducked through the car door, telling Jacob, “I want to stop by the bank on the way home.”

“Sir, the banks closed at noon today—about thirty minutes ago,” Jacob said, his face stiff, eyes blank.

“Closed? Why— Damn it. Never mind, Christmas,” he muttered, scrubbing a hand over his face. “Take me on home then. Hell, I should have stayed and gotten more work done.”

“Work late? On Christmas Eve?” Jacob said gently. “C’mon, boss. Have a little fun.”

Have a little fun… Unwillingly, his eyes drifted back to Cara…

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