New Series…

So I announced this via my newsletter a couple days ago.  If you’d like to get the newsletter and get info like this a bit early, plus the sales I sometimes do on my self-pubbed titles, you can sign up here…

It usually goes out once a month, except on the odd month I might have two books out in one month, then it might go out twice, but that’s it.  I don’t sell or trade anybody’s emails–they are just for me.

And if you’d been on the newsletter, you would have read the details about my new series with St. Martin’s.

St. Martin’s is now going to be publishing my romantic suspense titles and I’m completely delighted about this, and with my new editor, editor M.  I’ve wanted to work with her for…years.  Now I get to.

So the project.  It’s going to be another small-town sort of feel.  There will be three novellas and three full-length novellas, all connected.  I can’t go into much detail just yet and I have no release dates.

But I can tell you that yes.  I will have more romantic suspense stuff coming. 🙂

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