Saturday Snippets…WRECKED

Best Friends… and oh, do I have a book for this one…



This is from Wrecked (previously titled Wreck This Life)

“We should stop.”  Her body shrieked out at the very idea of it.  So did just about every other part of her.  Hell, even her mind wasn’t getting onboard with the idea of stopping.  She closed her eyes.  “Shouldn’t we?”

He rubbed his cheek against her skin.  “Is that what you want?”

No.  Terror locked the word in her throat.  Yes, she’d been the one to kiss him and yes, she wanted more, so much more.  Lately, the things she seemed to want from Zach terrified her.  But he was her best friend.  There was nobody she loved more than him, nobody who meant more.  He was…everything.

What if she lost that?

The weight of his head left her breast and she opened her eyes to find him watching her, that measuring, steady gaze.  “Abs…” He stroked a hand along her cheek, cupped her face in his palm.

Licking her lips, she nudged him back. “Let me up a minute,” she whispered.

Something flashed through his eyes.  It might have been disappointment, she thought.   But she was afraid to think about it too long.

As he eased away, she shifted away from him and climbed off the bed to pace.  “I’d like say something like this is crazy.  Except I kissed you so it’s not like this came out of nowhere,” she muttered, shoving her hair back from her face.

“Are you trying to tell me you wish you hadn’t kissed me?”

She shot him a look and then wished she hadn’t.


How in the hell hadn’t she noticed this before…

He sat with his back pressed against her headboard.  The walls of her bedroom were pale green and the headboard was white.  The boards were reclaimed wood and the overall feel of her room was a shabby chic look, feminine without being too fussy.  Zach should have looked incredibly out of place on her bed, with his beat-up jeans, the black T-shirt.  But he didn’t.

He looked like he belonged there.  In her room.  With her.

With that faint smile on his face, that intimate, watchful look in his eyes.  The vivid color of his tattoos wound around his arms and she found herself wanting to pull his shirt off and learn the detail of those tattoos in ways she’d never done before.

He was too beautiful for words.

Logically, she knew that.  She’d appreciated the sheer beauty of him before.  But knowing it and having it hit her like were two very different things.  Her belly, all hot and tight, twisted with need as she stood there staring at him and it took her a few more seconds to remember that he’d asked her something. A question.  Oh, yeah.

“No,” she said.  She didn’t regret kissing him at all.  “I just…” She shook her head and shifted her gaze to somewhere other than him.

“Why did you kiss me?”

Due out in April

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