Reader Q: Will and Mandy

Hi… I want to know why it’s taking so long for you to tell Will and Mandy’s story from the Grimm’s Circle series?

Well, it’s not time yet.

Mandy is young. Will is more more than two thousand years old. She was still in her teens when she first met with the Grimm, died a few years later. She’s not even close to being ready to stand up to what Will is. She has to grow into her skin. At this point, she hasn’t even grown into her own powers.

How fair of a match would that be? It wouldn’t. I know these characters…I live them, I breathe them and I hear their voices in my head. Will would bowl her over, he’d terrify her and in the end, she’d leave because they’d damage each other, and that would destroy Will.

Even within the confines of a story, characters have to grow and age. They are still growing and aging within my mind.

So that’s one reason.

The other? When I write Will’s story, the series ends. I want to make sure I’ve told all the stories in that world that I have to tell. I do not plan on this series lasting forever. I have vague ideas for Finn, vague ideas for Rob, maybe a few other kicking around before I’m reading to touch on writing Will’s. And yes, I totally mean to end the series with Will.

But I will not tell that one until Mandy has grown into her own. I like my heroines being able to give as good as they get. She’s still just a baby Grimm. She practically needs to be a tiger to handle Will.

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  1. Their time will come and in the meantime there are many more stories to be told!!!!

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