Cover… awesome, pretty, wonderful new cover

Can you tell I like it?

It’s not totally final, because it needs to have this awesome, pretty, wonderful quote added by Carly Phillips:

“Friends make the best lovers and soul mates in WRECKED. A beautiful look into true and enduring love…” Carly Phillips, NYT Bestselling Author

So here’s the awesome, pretty, wonderful new cover…

Due out in April.  This is straight contemporary and I do believe it’s my first non-erotic full length contemporary.

Also… I kinda love Zack.  He’s the hero.

Wanna read more?  Here ya go… Wrecked.

4 Replies to “Cover… awesome, pretty, wonderful new cover”

  1. I like the way she has her hand over his. That was the immediate focal point for me, and it shows real affection in a subtle, lovely way. Great colors for this cover, too.

  2. Love it Shiloh! I’m right with Lynn. Loving the hands. My eyes went right there too 🙂 Can’t wait!

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