Authors Against Bullying

There’s a big blog hop going on right now…authors against bullying, organized by Mandy Roth.

I wasn’t able to join in on the blog hop-vacation and edits and too much happened this week to work it in, but a bunch of authors are speaking up against bullying and guys, we all know bullying sucks.  (And if you don’t…um, that’s part of the problem.)

Definition of a bully:


a : a blustering browbeating person; especially : one habitually cruel to others who are weaker

bul·lied bul·ly·ing

Definition of BULLY

transitive verb
: to treat abusively
: to affect by means of force or coercion

We see more and more of this anymore, and cyber-bullying, in particular, is getting out of hand.  My kids don’t have facebook pages or twitter for these very reasons.

Some ‘antibully’ pages pretend to ‘speak out’ against bullying and do the very thing they ‘claim’ to hate…using fear and coercion to try and silence others. (I previously had the page here, decided to delete it cuz I don’t to give them the attention they don’t deserve.)

Monsterous asshats stalk teen girls so horribly, one girl, in the end, felt the only choice she has to find any peace, at all, is to take her own lives.

Freakazoids like Vitaly Borker threatened and harassed dissatisfied customers-threatened to rape/murder them…the good news is, he was found guilty and sentenced to jail.

Somebody decides they don’t like how Harriet Klausner does reviews and decides to hunt down as much info as they can, including ordering final copies of the books she receives from pubs, then sells (note…this isn’t illegal) and posts info, including birthdates for her kid, hometown, names, etc. Because…why?

When is does it stop?

When is it too much?

It’s already too much.


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  1. There was a case in BC last week of a 15 year old that couldn’t take any more bullying and ended her life. Let’s get rid of these bullies.

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