What are some of your favorite romantic suspense books?

Asking for a reason, and FYI, they can’t be any of mine.  I’ve read mine.  Mine don’t count.


One of my fave RS books is Holly Lisle’s I SEE YOU…

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Literally had me holding my breath through half of it. That’s my ideal RS.

Got any that had you holding your breath?

Pretty please share…I need them for a blog thing. Again, remember, mine don’t count.

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  1. Any and all of Karen Rose’s books. If she can release one book per month (if only!) and I am limited to only one book per month budget, no hesitation, I pick her book!

  2. All of the ‘Last Chance Rescue’ series by Christy Reece. I really was holding my breath through every book in this series to the point where I always had anxiety till I finished them. I was really caught up in every book and felt like my heart was racing at full speed every time something bad happens.
    These books are great!!!!!

  3. My favorite RS is Linda Howard’s books like Mr Perfect, Open Season and Dream Man. I know those books not so heavy on suspense, but I love the bantering between h/H. And Linda’s writing style is enjoyable to read. Another my favorite is I-Team series by Pamela Clare. The way she mix suspense and humanity concern always keep me hooked until the end 🙂

  4. I’m a fan of Allison Brennan’s Original Sin series. Also Kylie Brandt’s Mindhunter series. Both are very creepy. 🙂

  5. Also The firefighters of station five by Jo Davis. lol had to lookat my book shelf to remember that one 😉

  6. Anything from Karen Rose
    Hidden and Chilled by Kendra Elliot
    She Can Run and Midnight Exposure – Melinda Leigh
    Anything from Beverly Barton
    First Do No Evil – Carey Baldwin
    He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not – Lena Diaz
    Out of Control – Desiree Holt
    Jami Alden
    Mary Burton
    Robin Perini
    Love You to Pieces – Patrica A Rasey
    Only Fear – Anne Marie Becker
    The Past Came Haunting – Donnell Ann Bell
    The Heart of a Killer – Jaci Burton
    Laura Griffin – Tracer Series
    Allison Brennan
    In A Heartbeat – Rita Herron
    Nikita Black – Slave to Love
    Brenda Novak
    this is my favorite genre – so I could go on and on

  7. Probably a tie between A Thin Dark Line by Tami Hoag and Deadly Lies by Cynthia Eden. Actually, I’m a bit of a fangirl of Tami Hoag’s earlier works, so most of hers would qualify as favorites as well, but I actually wore out the spine of A Thin Dark Line 🙂

  8. Definitely Pamela Clare’s I-Team series. They are real page turners, with very likable characters. The heros are to die for, with just the right amount of steamy romance. There is a good bit of humor between characters too because many of them are friends, and I like that. Really good series!

  9. Sharon Sala- Storm Front Series
    Maya Banks- KGI Series
    Patricia Potter books
    Nina Bruhns- Passion For Danger Series
    All these books gave me anxiety lol

  10. Laura Griffin is a must! Christy Reece and Lora Leigh. I have more, but those are my top three.

  11. I love Holly Lisle’s Romantic Suspense novels too. Her fantasy novels are good, but it is the romantic suspense I re-read. Other than Holly Lisle, I like Kay Hooper and Allison Brennan.

  12. Don’t know if you still need help? I have been running errands for last min. school stuff for kiddos and just saw this, but Shannon McKenna has some good ones: Standing In the Shadows, Behind Closed Doors, Out of Control to name a few, and another fav is a series of Lora Leigh the first book Midnight Sins, then Deadly Sins, the third I believe is to be released soon or this fall?. It’s a great, great romatic suspense!!!!!!! Just can’t go wrong with names like Rafer, Logan and Crowe!!!! Anyway how you get what you need:)!!

  13. That’s suppose to be HOPE you get what you need. Geeze! Sorry about that:)

  14. Exposure by Susan Andersen — great characters, excellent storytelling, definitely not the usual thing. I spotted a reprint of it at BAM a couple weeks ago so it’s still available. Anne Stuart’s Ice books (they all have Ice in the title and cloned cover art) would be runner up; they’re more conventional/RWAish but the male protags are wicked fun.

  15. Jami Alden’s Gemini Men I have in paper AND on my computer – I read them that much. (I only have 36 books on my computer total, this series/trilogy takes up three)

  16. Most of my favorites have already been named, but I didn’t see Roxanne St. Claire’s Bulletcatchers or Tara Janzen’s Steele Street series mentioned.

    Oh, and Cynthia Eden’s Deadly series is awfully good. Leslie Parrish’s Black Cats and ExtraSensory Agents series are very good, too. These are a little darker in nature. Creepy, even. But very addictive.

  17. Lisa Marie Rice is always a good read. I also like Monette Michaels’ SSI series (Eye of the Storm and Cold Day in Hell), as well as her book Fatal Vision.

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