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As you’ve noticed, I’ve not been around much. Dealing with some stuff, trying to get edits done. I’m probably not going to be online as much although once I get edits done, I’ll try to get back to blogging more regularly.

For now, here’s a snippet from THE PROTECTED *releasing sometime in 2013, all the info I have for now*


Hell, yes. He was alone.

Glaring down at Vaughnne, he opened his mouth to tell her…something. Anything. He needed her out of his way.

Preferably some place far away from him, because if she was far away from him then he wouldn’t be tempted to do just what she seemed to think he should do. Trust her.

She reached up and closed her hand around his wrist. “If you don’t stop running now…you never will,” she said quietly.  “Surely, somewhere in that beautiful, thick-as-stone head of yours, you have to realize that, right? Either you take a stand or spend the rest of your life running. The rest of his life running. And it’s likely to be a short one, because those people will not quit hunting you. And we can’t keep chasing after you to protect that kid when you make it clear you don’t want our help.”


She blinked, her lashes sweeping down to hide her dark eyes. The scattering of freckles across her cheeks caught his gaze and before he could stop himself, he lifted a hand, cupped her chin in his hand. Stroking one thumb across the silk of her skin, he waited.

“Why what?” she asked, tugging away and backing out of his reach.

“Why do you want to help at all?”

For those that enjoyed BLADE SONG, you can read a snippet and the blurb for book two over my J.C. Daniels blog.

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