Walmart + Saturday + School Supplies = Hell

Walmart + Saturday + School Supplies = Hell

I kid you not.

Two hours.  And we’re still not done because they didn’t have the simplest things I needed. So we have to make another trip out tomorrow.  Just shoot me now.  Argh.

I plan on finishing up THE PROTECTED this next week. One good week and it’s done.  Then I can focus on the next RS series.

A snippet from THE PROTECTED…

There was a soft whisper of sound and he turned, saw Vaughnne standing in the doorway, her friend’s arm slung over her shoulder.

Vaughnne stared at him.

He returned that gaze without blinking, letting her see every ugly truth on his face.

“If you are going to ask if it is true,” he said, schooling his voice into a bored, flat tone.  “Don’t bother, Vaughnne.”

“I won’t.  I can already tell it is.  I just want to know why.”

Release date not known.  Probably sometime in 2013.



5 Replies to “Walmart + Saturday + School Supplies = Hell”

  1. I’m past th school stage, thank the good lord!
    Like the snippet but I usually do!

  2. I feel for you. My boys are both post HS so they can buy their own supplies ;).

  3. I cracked up when I read the title. I feel your pain! The only place in town for supplies is Walmart. You are brave to go to Walmart on a Saturday, much less for school supplies. Some of those moms are vicious! I usually wait until the last minute and the kids grumble about the lame-o stuff…
    Too bad I say. They don’t pay for it and they didn’t have to go to Walmart!

  4. Yup, only made worse by taking your kid. While, proud of him, just started reading proficiently, and reallllllllly wants to read his school list and find his own supplies. PAINFUL.

  5. There are two times of year I stay clear of Wal-Mart (other than when I’m working, of course): August and December. The first is BTS season, which is the lesser of the two. It’s really only bad the week before school starts back and/or tax-free weekend. Honestly, the best time to shop during those months is about 3 or 4 am. The store is almost empty then, just the employees and you.

    Neither season is much fun to work either, but I’m just glad to have a job. ^_^

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