Random stuff, a winner and rambles

First up… Eeyore and Roman now have a new home.  Nora, who posted:

Our all time favorite just has to be Tigger… My eldest son personified him, always jumping bouncing (climbing, diving, adventuring) and getting in trouble.

I’d love to win so I could put them on my shelf and enjoy them.

Nora, you can use the contact form here on the blog to email me or send an email to shilohwalker (at) gmail.com.

Finished THE PROTECTED (FBI PSYCHICS #4) on Tuesday.  Here’s a little bit from it…

So she’d just enjoy the uniform, and the view… and pretend she was somewhere else.

The view was fine.  Damn fine.   Excellent shoulders.  Long, loose-hipped gait.  Behind her sunglasses, she studied him, black hair tucked under a battered hat, a pair of cheap sunglasses that shielded his gaze from her.  He wore a threadbare T-shirt and jeans so worn, they were practically white at the seams.  Damn, he wore those jeans well, too.

Because the view was making her throat go dry, she reached for the bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade at her side and took a long drag off of it as she shifted her attention to the other things.  Like the backpack he was still carrying.  Like the boy.

Her other target.


The book was just completed…no blurb, no info on it at this point.


Took Wednesday off.  Had a field trip sort of day with my guy…

I left one of the stops with this:

It’s on my shoulder.  If you click it, it should let you open a larger image. If it’s doesn’t, sorry…you can always go to my pinterest page.  It’s loaded there, too. 🙂

On Thursday, I found this in the mail…

That’s my ramble for the day.  What are you up to?

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  1. I love the tattoo, would be to scared to ever do it.
    The AWARD!!! Beautiful, where will you put it?

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