Still out of town, heading home today, assuming New York didn’t kick my butt.  🙂

This is all about reuniting…

From BROKEN BLADE, one of my JC Daniels books…still in progress…

“I don’t know. And I don’t know if it’s even going to happen.” Turning my face into his hand, I kissed his rough palm. It hurt more than a little as I pushed him away. “But you have to let me breathe. You have to give me room. If I ever find my way, I’ll let you know.”

He was quiet as he stepped back.

Just before I slipped out the door, he asked softly, “Are you coming back to me, Kit?”

I closed my eyes. “I don’t know.”

I wish I could have said Yes. I wanted to. I wanted to scream it.

But if I was going to be honest, I had to stick to it.


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  1. What a heartbreaking scene. The book must be difficult to write if it has such deep passion. Can’t wait til it’s finished, Definitely I will buy it.

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