Friday 56

It’s finally Friday…and you know what that means *G*. Friday 56.

Grab the closest book (doesn’t have to be what you’re reading…just whatever is close by). Flip to page 56 and give us the 5th sentence.  Also, if you wanna, you can give a few extra lines too.

Mine this week is from Vicki Pettersson’s The Taken:

“Yet when he finally looked up from his empty plate, the headache dogging him was gone, and he almost felt a part of the world. ”


3 Replies to “Friday 56”

  1. Well, at least it was Freya who had been here and not someone else. SERPENT’S KISS by Melissa de la Cruz

  2. From “Tangle of Need” by Nalini Singh
    “Then again, no alpha wolf, much less Hawke, would’ve been attracted to anyone who didn’t have a brain.”

  3. Tamara Hogan, a new author for me:”I aw someone down at the Crack a half an hour ago and that I thought might be yours.” from Taste Me

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