Saturday Snippets…heartbreak…

Today’s bit… All about Heartbreak…

The ache in her heart threatened to break free and she almost welcomed it. She’d rather hurt, damn it. Hurt instead of feel nothing. Anything was better than nothing But lately, that was  all she felt—nothing. Just emptiness.  She hated that more than anything else.  She’d take pain, she’d take anger over the void inside her.

Carefully, she rose from her chair and made her way over to one of the seats closer to the fireplace. They were low slung, perfect for cuddling into, perfect for reading, or in her case…brooding.

“Why didn’t you call him from the restaurant?”

Swallowing around the knot in her throat, Alexis said quietly, “I think it’s over, Mel. I really, really do.”

There was a harsh intake of breath—the only response Melissa made for a long while.

As the seconds ticked away, Alexis nursed her wine, welcoming the warmth as it spread through her body.


Did she really need to consider that it was over?

She’d felt so empty, so apart from him for so long, and he never seemed to reach out to her, but she hadn’t realized it was this bad. Not until tonight.

He hadn’t even called.

There had been a time when he’d always called, or sent her an email, texted her—something to let her know he wouldn’t be home on time. And it had happened…often. Garrett was a cop and once he’d earned his detective’s shield, those hours had only become more insane.

Nobody understood how crazy the job was better than she did. Her dad had been a cop. Two of her brothers were. She understood the job, respected it.  And he’d understood that she worried, that she just wanted to know he was okay.  So he kept in touch when he could while she tried not to worry.  They made it work, damn it.  Or they had.

But it wasn’t the job that was breaking them.

They were breaking them.

Yeah. As the tears started to burn her eyes, she whispered, “I think maybe it’s over.”

This time, Melissa spoke. “Honey…if that’s what you want…okay. But before you do anything, let me ask you something, and you need to think it through. Is that what you want?”

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