IF YOU KNOW HER is now out in the UK for Kindle Readers… you can get it here. This is the third book, and again, keep in mind, this series can’t be read out of order.

I would like to get some reviews of SEXY LITTLE SURPRISESthis is a novella, so you prefer longer reads, this is probably not the best read for you. If you like novellas, though, leave a note in comments and let me know where you’d post reviews.  (Blog, goodreads, Amazon)… multiple places is fine, one place is fine, just give me an idea.  I’ll send out some copies. I don’t know how many.

Random quotes heard from around my house this weekend…

Man…the gameboy was so cool.  Back in the day.


Can I go running with you?  Why not?  I can TOO run 2-3 miles.  I run 13 laps around the kitchen all the time.


UTA:  I’ve got some reviews lined up now, guys… I’m shutting down the thread just to minimize confusion.

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  1. I’d love to read it. I post reviews on Amazon, and can post on B&N if it would help. I’ve previously written reviews of Candy Houses and Hunter’s Need, among others, under the name Houston.

  2. I love novellas! Had a suspicion this was you but wasn’t sure… Would love to review if you don’t mind that it’ll take a few weeks for me to be able to read it.

    I review on my Blog, goodreads and Amz

  3. Well, I only can think of 4 places to post…my website, amazon, facebook, and my chapter on my wattpad account. I just want to say I’m thrilled to find a romance book about a married-for-a-while couple. Its refreshing 🙂 Good luck with it!

  4. I’d definitely review on my blog, and do a quick description on goodreads too. 🙂
    Also yay new stories and sexy shorts!

  5. Hi!!! I was actually VERY interested in reading this (its been on my to-read pile on Goodreads once i saw it up on Ellora’s Cave!) and i normally leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

  6. Love, absolutely LOVE the “13 laps around the kitchen …” comment!! I am trying very hard NOT to laugh as loud as I’d like to, here in the library, but I am not succeeding at all!

    Maybe if I just snort softly, they won’t kick me out?


    Lynn, snickering to herself.

  7. Snort!! Why does that not surprise me? In some ways, she sounds just like a friend’s daughter!

    Looking forward to getting the J.C. Daniels books sooner or later!



  8. I would love to read this book and review it. I would review it on Goodreads and Amazon…I could also promote the book on Facebook as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

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