err… What I meant to say is this.

I saw the Avengers.  And it is of much awesome.


I might even go see it again.  I loved the whole damn movie, but there were a few parts…I won’t do spoilers, but many of the fave parts involved Thor.  Or the Hulk.

And there’s this one scene…the line involved the words… Puny god.

8 Replies to “HULK SMASH”

  1. I saw the movie Sunday. My son and I did the brunch then movie thing. Josh Whedon never disappoints me unlike so many filmmaker today. Never goes for the low humor and manages to bring balance to even a summer blockbuster movie. A well deserved success.

  2. Our local theatre finally reopened last weekend and they have The Avengers showing on two screens so maybe this weekend will get to see it in all it’s comic book awesomeness!

    Made the decision to go see Hunger Games instead in Austin this past Saturday, book was so much better but movie was not as bad as was worried it would be.

  3. The Hulk has stood the test of time, as many comic fans admire and relate to his passionate, raging emotions.

  4. “Puny god” is an instant classic.
    I have to watch the movie again, to hear the parts that were laughed over in a full theater. That would be my only complaint. Not quite enough reaction time for the laughter to die back down.

  5. I quite loved the “mewling quim” comment myself. I enjoyed all the glorious man candy but in my heart I long to be the bad ass Black Widow. LOVED HER!

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