Tag… you’re it… (Lynn might kill me…)

I know she hates these, but I’m totally tagging PBW.

Okay, I’m tagging people because Thea Harrison tagged me, but this one is kinda fun.

Per Thea’s site…

Whee, authors are tagging each other to post 7 lines from page 77 of our latest book or current manuscript, starting after the 7th sentence.

The phone rang.

I reached for it only to have him grab my wrist.  “What in the fuck does that mean, Colbana?”

“Do you want me to do my job or not?” I snapped.

“Answer the fucking question.”

The call rolled over and a familiar voice filled the air.  “Heya, Kitty girl, it’s Lincoln down at Banner Central.  I heard you were looking for a runner.  I don’t know if this is the one you’re looking for…”

Damon let go of my wrist.

As I reached for the phone, I glared at him.  “I really wished I’d never laid eyes on you,” I muttered.

He glared right back.

From Rules of the Game, the UF I’m working on.

I’m tagging…

Lynn Viehl (don’t shoot me, you love me, remember?)

Ilona Andrews

Stacia Kane

TJ Michaels

KT Grant

Charlene Teglia

Elyssa Papa

And this might be a huge bust, because I dunno how many are winding up/down/all around for RT and stuff.

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  1. Here’s mine, from my YA WIP (It’s seven lines in the ms, but not so many here; was it supposed to be seven full sentences?):

    “You will retrieve it.”
    The High Diabolist’s hand wrapped around her wrist before she could say another word, sending pain shooting up her arm. He dragged her into another bow. “It shall be done, Your Majesty.”
    “Good.” Victoria waved her hand. “You have two days. Be away with you, now.”

  2. @ Lynn…

    🙂 I just felt the need to remind you of it. In case you forgot

    Heh. Nobody kilt me dead! yay! Thanks for playing, guys…seemed like a fun enough meme, too.

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