Because I’m lazy…

I have nothing to blog about.  So I’m just swiping what Lynn Viehl blogged about.  It’s pretty damn cool and worth a look at anyway. Beautiful jewelry I’ll never be able to afford, but wow… look at the effects and the music?  Again.. wow.

L’Odyssée de Cartier


3 Replies to “Because I’m lazy…”

  1. First off – You are NOT lazy. No one could be as prolific an author as you are and be called lazy.
    Second – I love this commercial. I’ve seen it several times in the past month on ABC but I saw the print ad in my hubs Wall Street Journal magazine around Christmas. I hinted like crazy but I didn’t get a kitty kat in my stocking :(.

  2. I am having a lazy day too, Shiloh. Thanks for the video link. First time viewing this commercial, and the photography is amazing.

  3. That’s how I’ve been feeling too; not even reading right now which is unusual for me. Maybe it’s the weather?

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