Author’s Choice! Saturday Snippets…

So it’s author’s choice… today’s choice? From Wreck this Life… the contemporary romance I just sold to Berkley.

“What happens when this ends?  How do we decide that, anyway?”

“We’ll know,” he muttered.  If I have my way, it ends when my heart stops.  That seemed a good time limit.  He took one of the cookies and broke it half, feeding half to her and popping the other piece into his mouth.  He wasn’t hungry, but if he didn’t distract himself…shit.  He’d been planning on working to this point all week, although the decision to go out of town had been a spur-of-the-moment thing.  But now that it was here…


He lay his hand on her belly.  “When it ends, if that’s what happens, we’re just back to us.  Nothing is going to change, Abby.”

“You seem so sure of that,” she whispered.

“Because that’s how it will be.” No matter what, even if she walked away, he wasn’t going to lose his best friend.  Even if she wouldn’t be his lover, his woman always, she was still the most important person for him and he wouldn’t give that up.  “And that’s a question…not a rule.  Was there anything else?”

She shrugged a little and took a drink.  “Not that I can think of.”

His phone buzzed.  Glancing down, he saw the message.

Gone, dude.

That was all it said.

Taking the phone, he dumped it on the floor next to him.  “If that’s it…” He caught her glass in his hand and put it down on the little table next to her, took the plate of fruit and dessert.  “There’s something I need to do.”

Then he put his hand back on her belly and took her mouth.

(no info on release dates or anything… sorry!)

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