True story about me and Lynn Viehl

This is a tweet from last night…

from me:

@SpazP I see I’ve successfully created another Darkyn addict. Some of the best (if not THE best) vampires ever.

her response:

 @shilohwalker SRSLY!! I’m starting the 3rd book as soon as I can! Thesea re sooooo my kinda books 😛

Yes. I think one of my life’s missions is to convert as many people as possible into Viehl addicts. Stardoc. Darkyn. The Gena Hale/Jessica Hall books. All of them. Because they are awesome and nobody writes like her.

So…have I converted you yet? If not…step into my parlor…(or her parlor)…whichever.  Just try her.  This is a good one to start with.


5 Replies to “True story about me and Lynn Viehl”

  1. You hooked me in with StarDoc, and now I’ve got them all. Still love the StarDoc series the best though.

  2. Funny! I was hooked in Lynn Viehl before I discovered you. I remember reading a post about Broken in PB and it pick up my interest. I look for the book and bought Fragile and Broken. Since then, I bought several of your books (in print and for my kindle) and now you are one of my fav authors too!

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