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Now Lena didn’t get him until he was older, but still.  Cute puppy!


“I kind of like having you around, Ezra. I think I like it a lot.”

His laugh was dry, self-deprecating. “You know how to stroke a guy’s ego, gorgeous, you know that? I tell you I think I might be falling in love with you and you tell me you like having me hang around.”

“Your ego doesn’t need stroking.” Slipping her arms around his neck, she said, “Slow. We need to go slow with this, because it’s majorly unfamiliar territory for me. But…well, even with the mind-blowing sex, if I didn’t have feelings for you, what you’re telling me would have me so freaked out, I’d be all but shoving you out the door. But you’re still here. Does that count for anything?”

He nipped her chin. “For now. Yeah.” Then he sighed. “You still insist on going to work?”


“Shit.” Nudging her off his lap, he said, “Fine. I’m driving you. I’m picking you up. If anybody says one wrong thing to you, tell Puck to eat him.”

Did you read my story A STROKE OF DUMB LUCK? If so, I’ve fiddled with another one in that world.  Well, two of them.  The question is selling them.  I’ve got a little of it up on Book Country. You can read some of it without being a member.  If you log in, you can read the first two chapter and rate it and stuff.

And now…cover.

Stand alone.  Due out in October.  Excerpt here.

ETA: More RANDOM stuff…

Booksigning this Saturday in Madison, Indiana…

That Book Place

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