Saturday Snippets… Warm Places

This one was harder! But hey… a beach is mentioned…


There were places a guy wanted to be in life—in bed with a long, lean woman wrapped around him?  That topped the list, as far as Law Reilly was concerned.

Although he wouldn’t mind a cabin in the mountains, just him and his laptop.  He’d be fine with swapping out the laptop for a long, lean woman.

Or even a shack on a beach, just him and his laptop.  Again, the swap-out—his laptop for a long, lean woman?  That would work.  And some beer on hand.

The place he didn’t want to be, though?

A wedding in small-town Kentucky.

Namely, Ash, Kentucky, where he’d been living for the past ten years.  Long enough that he could call the place home, long enough that most of the people knew him by face, by name…and by bank account, even if most of them didn’t entirely know where the money came from.

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