The Departed… Giveaway… Part 2

Winner to be posted shortly (upcoming week.)  At this time, the giveaways are now closed for comments.  thanks and be sure to check back to see if you were the winner!

Every year, when I go to book/writer events, I pick up goodies.  I usually do swag giveaways, but I didn’t do many this year, so I just decided I’d just do a big one at the end of the year, but when I saw how Lynn Viehl/PBW was doing her Let It Snow giveaway, I thought it would be fun to stagger it out a little…thus the part one.  Part two.  I dunno how many parts I’ll have.  I lack organizational skills.

But I have at least a few more parts…I picked up a few things just for the giveaway and I still have books I collected, too.  Some are even signed. 🙂

Here is part two…

from The Departed…

He hadn’t even seen her, and he’d known it was her.

Felt it, somewhere deep inside.

Guiding her away from the crush of bodies, he said, “You can explain what you’re doing here later. But for now, tell me why you think there’s a kid in there when all my intel is saying otherwise.”

Dez flicked a look past his shoulder. “Something woke me up and I just knew I needed to be somewhere. Here. So I got up, got dressed, and headed out. Ended up here—I didn’t even know you had a team here, by the way.”

For a period of about five heartbeats, all thought stopped.Taylorcould think of nothing else but those words—got dressed. Meaning . . . what? Had she been sleeping in pajamas? Something slinky and silky? Something sensible, practical? Or had she been naked, that sleek, warm brown body bare?

Blood drained out of his head and he clenched his jaw, jerked his attention away from her, and stared at the house until he could remember what he was doing, why he was here.

What he was about. He didn’t have time to be thinking about Desiree Lincoln and her sleeping attire—or lack of. He had a job to do.

A mission. The mission. It was all that mattered. All that could matter.

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Adding this into the giveaway stack…

A notebook, a bookmark, and a gift card to Books A Million. I thought the bookmark was cute and if I actually used them very well, I would have bought one.  I’ve only got one I used fairly regularly and that’s cuz it’s pretty.  And no, you can’t have it.  But you can have this one. If you win.

Want to enter?  Today… tell me this.. Do you dog-ear your books or use a bookmark.  I’m a shameless dog-ear-ing person.  Unless I’m borrowing and then I’ll be more careful.

All names entered will go into the pot.  One winner will be drawn at the end of the contest and posted here.  Make sure you read my disclaimer-the winner is responsible for checking back to see if they’ve won- (hint…you can always set up a google seach for your name/whatever handle you see use.  Good way to keep track of contests).

Entering means you agree to the rules and that you’ve read the disclaimer.

More prizes will be randomly added with each giveaway post. (Or that’s the plan…).  Entries must be made at my blog, not via facebook, twitter, GR, etc)

57 Replies to “The Departed… Giveaway… Part 2”

  1. I don’t reader paper much these days, but I always use a bookmark. I have them all over the house.

  2. If its my own book, yep, I dog-ear. But borrowed, whether from a friend or the library? Always a “bookmark”. (Put in quotes, because my bookmarks are rarely ‘real’ bookmarks…usually they’re a receipt or piece of mail or whatever handy flat thing I have laying [lying?] around.)

  3. I used to dog-ear all the time, but now, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve got bookmarks all around the house, so there’s no excuse to dog-ear anymore.

  4. I have never dog eared a book. When I was a kid my mother would have smacked me into the next week if she saw a page bent in a book I was reading. Needless to say it stuck. I always use a bookmark. I have such a thing for books that when I’ve lent copies to friends they think I haven’t read them – they look brand new.

  5. I definitely use bookmarks and have always told my kids and anyone who borrows a book from me to not dogear the pages. Has not always worked out that way, but that is OK.

  6. I’m with Rissatoo- I “bookmark” using whatever flat piece of paper is closest, which never ends up being a bookmark. I have an impressive ability to loose real bookmarks, but that junkmail stays with me no problem!

  7. I always use bookmarks. A lot of the authors come out with great bookmarks to promote their books so I use them until they fall apart.

  8. I always use bookmarks. I am one of those people who can’t stand the thought of dog-earring a book. I have a lot that I use, I switch them up.

  9. I used to use bookmarks.I now read only on my nook and kindle.I still have my fav bookmark. When I was young, I would bend the corners.

  10. I never dog ear pages. I will sometimes lay the book down open to the spot I’m reading, but I try to use a book mark. I keep a stack beside my bed because I tend to read several books at a time.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. I am a fan of dog ear but with my Nook…it makes dog earring a bit difficult. I have been waiting for a sequel to The Missing for what seems like forever but with Jan. 3 on it’s way…forever seems nearby.

    Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

  12. I use bookmarks!!! I actually collect them!! My daughters even bring me some home from their school because they know I love them so much!!

  13. I use whatever I can find as a bookmark! Like pieces of paper, napkins, pens, etc. I always find something to use!

  14. I occasionally use a bookmark, but end up misplacing it and dog-ear …unless like you , it is borrowed. I mostly read ebooks now..on my ancient Palm TX, android phone,iPad or even laptop (for online only reads) . I laugh at myself when I read a pb and tap the page more than once, trying to get to the next page 🙂

  15. I used to dog-ear the pages until a teacher stopped me from doing that. She said I was disrespecting the hard work that went into making all these wonderful books…
    Now I use anything I can find for a book mark. I am always losing them, sort of like my car keys….LOL
    Merry Christmas Shiloh!!!1

  16. I never dog-ear a book that’s just not right. I have bookmarks, grocery lists, bill payed that serve a better purpose. But never dog-ear.

  17. I’m definitely not a dog-ear person! I don’t really use traditional bookmarks, I just use whatever’s around. I do have a few beautiful novel-themed bookthongs from StupidShinyDesigns on Etsy. I’m said she’s closing her shop. I use my bookthongs to decorate my Kindle!

  18. I used to be a shameless dog-ear person, now I have a kindle and it saves my place all by it’s lonesome!

  19. I prefer using bookmarks so that my book stay all pretty and new looking, but I”m very guilty of dog-earring, I never seem to have any bookmarks nearby!

  20. Sadly, I dog-ear most of the time. Sometimes if it’s a hardcover I will use a bookmark or use dust jacket as a marker. I just can never seem to keep bookmarks around. Kitties like to pull them out if they have tassels or ribbons.

  21. I try not to dog ear the pages. I use a bookmark most of the time. If I don’t have one handy, I’ll probably stick a piece of napkin in the book.

  22. No dog ears! Not when I can always find a slip of paper to use as a bookmark if one is not available: receipts, business cards, Post-its, etc.

  23. I always use bookmarks. And when I lend my books out I make sure to let them know not to dog-ear my books.

    Thanks for the giveaway
    Happy Holidays

  24. I actually do both! Depends on the book i am reading as for ur books i use the bookmark that i got when i meet u which was when Hunter’s Need came out!And if its a favorite writer or not!But my sony ebook reader has a bookmark built in hehe! Merry Christmas and God bless u and urs! U keep writing and i’ll keep buying!

  25. I always use some kind of bookmark – whether the marker is actually supposed to be a bookmark, or if it’s just a bit of paper I picked up off the floor. I always feel extremely guilty when I’m forced to dog-ear a page, even when it’s my own book. In my pre-grad school days, I’d actually just memorize the page number, but now I’ve got too much crap in my head for that.

  26. I can’t ear dog any kind of book–even with magazines I squirm more than a little if I do ear dog a page.

    Part of this is probably the result of growing up with a librarian for a mother and a historian and textbook writer for a stepfather, but part of it is just love of the physical object of a book. I can’t deface is that way.

    (Please note, I don’t pass judgement on what other people do to their books, I just can’t do it to mine)

    (And I just realized how apropos my last listing at Etsy happens to be today)

  27. I’m all about the bookmark. I use the same bookmark over and over until it wears out and then get a new one. I was actually thinking today it’s time to move on to a new one because my current one is really beat up.

  28. I am afraid I am a dog-ear kind of person. I have bookmarks, but I never think to grab one. The only exception is a borrowed book. Those I just try to remember what page I am on.

  29. Hemm I’m the kind of girl that always uses my bookmark everytime I read a novel. I do so because I’m afraid to destroy a page inside a novel if I don’t do so.

  30. Argh! Just thinking about dog eared books makes me break out in hives! I am a strict bookmark user. Also (just to get it out of my system), I can’t stand it when people crack the spines of books by opening them up and folding them in half! I love my books too much for that torture! Thanks for the giveaway. I love the pointer bookmarks. They are so useful.

  31. I never fold down the corn of a page. I’m a neat freak. I always use bookmarks. I have a ton of bookmarks.

  32. I try not to and I usually just find anything for a bookmark or try to remember the number

  33. The only things I dog-ear are catalogs. Books get bookmarks, although I tend to use whatever thin flat object is at hand, rather than an acutal bookmark. Bookmarks are either for a situation when I can’t read the whole book at one sitting, like when in a doctors waiting room, or to mark a spot I’m probably going to want to go back & read again. Some of my favorite books, have multiple bookmarks, so I can get right to the good parts, fast.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  34. I use pretty book marks! Like the one with beads on a ribbon or string! I love to look at them.

  35. I try to use a book mark to mark my page whenever possible. I don’t always have one of hand so I have been known to use an envelope or postcard from a magazine when desperate. If nothing else is at hand, then yes I have resorted to dog earing pages.

  36. I don’t dog ear my books, because I like to keep them as neat as possible. I do mark my books, but not with conventional book marks – I usually use whatever is handy – magazine postcard, receipt, torn off piece of paper, etc.

  37. I always use a bookmark. I have obsession with bookmarks. I love them and I hate dog-ear so much.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  38. I love bookmarks! I have a collection of them…all beautiful…and I NEVER use them. I know, I know…but I’m always afraid they’ll mess up the book somehow. The collection sure does look nice on my bookshelf, though! haha
    My method for reading is to memorize the page # where I left off. I taught both of my kids the same trick, although my daughter drives me nuts because I still catch her folding over pages.

  39. I use a bookmark. I have quite the collection now. I am constitutionally unable to dog ear a page. Books are too precious. Besides, doesn’t a fairy die each time a book is damaged??? 🙂

  40. A bookmark or whatever is nearby and handy (I have a bad habit of losing all of my pretty bookmarks:)).

  41. I try not to dog ear if at all possible. I will use whatever is handy as a bookmark to prevent it. Receipts, gift cards, tissues… you get the idea. 😀

  42. I’m guilty… lol I usually dog-ear my books. I never know where a book marker is. Sometimes if I have a piece of paper laying around, I will use that.

  43. I use bookmarks when I read paper books. These days I read mostly in Kindle format. I do miss using my fun bookmarks.

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