Locked in Silence…Random Snippets

There was something Will was not telling him. Secrets. He saw them lurking in those silvery eyes.

“Once you are with these men, you will have to make your own choice.”

He shook his head and signed, I will not be used. I will not use this…this evil for others.

“It’s not evil, son,” Will said, sighing. “And I know you will not. Just as I know what will become of you when you refuse.”

He reached down and touched Eustache’s hands. “They will try to convince you. They will beat you. They will torture you. Eventually, they are going to kill you.”

He flinched. Shoving to his feet, he started to pace. As he did, his thoughts spun in dizzying circles. Finally, he stopped and faced Will. Slowly, he signed, This is the choice you speak of? Either do something I know is wrong or die?

“No. The choice is this…I can see to it that you die quickly, painlessly—it will end for you before they come. You will be spared what they intend to do, and you will go on to what awaits you beyond this life.” Will gave him a reassuring smile. “And I promise you, that’s not a bad thing.

“Or…” Will’s eyes started to glow. “You can meet your destiny with them. Take what they give you. It will be painful, it will be brutal. And they will kill you. When your life is taken, it will be returned. You’ll rise anew…and become something more.”

He stared at Will and wondered if the man had gone mad.

“There you have it. That is your choice. What do you choose?”

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Dying is hard enough… coming back to life is brutal.

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