Saturday Snippet

It’s not a work in progress… it’s from IF YOU SEE HER, the book I’m editing.  But I like this scene.

Remy reached up and rubbed the back of his neck.  This day, it just wasn’t going to get any better before it ended, was it?

Then he knocked on the door and it took yet another crazy turn on him.

He should have been prepared to see her.


But when the door opened and Hope Carson stood there, framed in a wedge of light, those dreamy, green eyes so sad and quiet, her mouth solemn and unsmiling, Remy thought his heart just might stop.

There just wasn’t any way he could prepare himself for seeing her.  There wasn’t any way he could prepare himself for what seeing her did to him, mentally, physically, emotionally.


Oh, shit, he did not need this.

Lust reached up and grabbed him around the throat, squeezing and choking the air from his lungs even as it heated the blood in his veins.

This was the absolute last woman on earth he should want—she was trouble, in so many ways.  She was troubled, and that was just one of the reasons he didn’t need this.

This was the absolute last woman on earth he wanted to want—she just plain and simple was trouble—he could feel that in his bones.

And yet, as he stared into those big, green eyes, he did want.

Hell, did he want.

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  1. another trip to the book store…..i’m running out of room..who cares :o)

  2. So loving this Shiloh!! Cant wait till feb. need it now! U keep writing and i’ll keep buying! God blesss u and urs Shiloh!

  3. Have fun with the comic in Louisville. It is going to be very hot and humid this week.

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