So I think I’m done fiddling

For now.  I think.

What do ya think?

6 Replies to “So I think I’m done fiddling”

  1. I like it. I clicked around a little and everything seemed to work. Are you going to add anything in the left and right columns?

  2. I like it, but for some reason it bugs me that the search box is plain— Could you make a heading to match the other ones to put above it? Also, could you make the blog and forum text the same size at the “appearances” and “books by genre” headlines? It looks out of place to me.

    I’m not being petty– just ignore me if you think I’m wrong:) It really is pretty!

  3. @JenB-there isn’t a left column with the layout I selected. Do you mean the reddish areas? That’s just the background. I don’t like all white/light colored, but dark colors are hard to read.

    @Brenda, afraid not. Changing the actual font sizes and stuff requires CSS knowledge, and I don’t have it. Backgrounds were something I could change easily, as well as the images and stuff. I can only tinker a little and what little I can do takes hours to get it to look okay. Anything more is beyond my scope.

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