Quick note…spambots argh!

Okay, spam bots are driving me crazy…ever since the blog got messed up, they’ve been hitting this blog bad. Akismet, my usual spam blocker, had always done a great job blocking them, but there seems to be a problem with the current version of WordPress I’m running and Akismet-a number of people who use the same hosting service are apparently having similar problems.

I’ve got bad behavior installed to help with the spam, but either the spam has ramped up or it’s just not catching the spam as well. And I’m tired of dealing with the spam crap. I’ve had to delete almost 70 comments, I think, in the past 12 hours alone.

So I’ve changed the comments setting so that comments from new people won’t appear on the blog until they are approved-once you’ve had a comment approved by me or Nicole, your comments go through without any trouble (or they should). This will stop the spam that’s getting through (hopefully) and although it will slow things down a bit on this end for a few days, it won’t take long.

5 Replies to “Quick note…spambots argh!”

  1. I hate spammers. Should be some way to find and punish then.

  2. Why would someone set up a spambot in the first place? Do they get their jollys or something? I will cross my fingers that the technology gods see you through this quickly. What a drag for you to have to spend time on this kind of junk.

  3. Annoying doesn’t begin to cover it. It was really bad for about 20 min last night. I wanted to scream…very loudly. *sigh*

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