Hunter’s Fall…the fun begins

So it’s May now.  Which means it’s time to start talking Hunter’s Fall…

Some fun.

FYI-all month long, there will be random snippets and trivia type stuff.  If you comment/participate, it could win you a prize.  I’m not saying when I’ll decide to do a prize or what the prizes will be.

It’s all about participation.

However, just to lay the ground rules…this goes for the entire month! Again, prizes will be awarded randomly!  You can also hop over to the forum-there are random prizes being given away there, as well.

standard contest rules apply…open across the globe,  by entering, you agree NOT to scan/reproduce/upload, etc, etc…winner must check back at the blog to see if they’ve won-the name will be posted, you must enter AT my blog, not via FB, goodreads, etc…for the rest of my rules, see the disclaimer.  FYI-entering means you’ve READ the disclaimer.  If you haven’t and don’t know the rules…well, um…maybe you should read them.  😉

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  1. I am so jonesing for this book. I’ve wanted this for a long time.

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