Friday 56

It’s finally Friday again, YAY! So we know what that means, time for Friday 56.  Grab the closest (not necessarily what you’re currently reading, just whatever happens to be near you at the moment). Turn to page 56 and give us the 5th sentence. You can also quote an extra one or two around it if you’d like, to give some context ;).

My closest…Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison.  I’ve heard rave reviews all over twitter about this book and broke my “no buying new books til you get the TBR stack more manageable…excluding releases for current series/must read authors” policy.

Without further ado…

“The sunlight was different here, clearer and thinner, and she got the sense of a nearby place drenched in magic.”

11 Replies to “Friday 56”

  1. “Just let it go, sweet. It’s easier than you think.”
    Hunters Ben and Shadoe by Shiloh Walker

  2. As we left the dog run, Daniel said, “Don’t mention that stuff to your parents, okay? I’m sure Dad’s just talking crazy again.”

    The Gathering—-Kelley Armstrong

  3. “We’ll still bang when we’re ninety, right?”
    “Count on it. I’ll have developed a taste for old women by the, so this could be considered good practice.”

    J.D. Robb’s Possession in Death

  4. “Did the terrorists attack while I was asleep?” he asked sarcastically, nodding at the vast array of weaponry.
    Cut & Run by Madeline Urban & Abigail Roux

  5. “Oh yeah, and what would you call it?” Deal With This, Lucy Monroe

  6. When Toby said he was going to start breakfast, Haley announced that she wanted waffles, please, but Charlotte was the one who wanted to come to the kitchen to watch.
    Renovations II – Foundation/ Anah Crow -Dianne Fox

  7. He could hear her thoughts? Word for word? What was it with this city?

    Possess Me by R.G. Alexander

  8. As he lifted her hair aside and whispered her name, she elbowed him in the belly.

    Surrender to Me by Shayla Black

  9. Could I believe I was born of his line? Nothing else made sense. Yet I preferred not to come from a special lineage, or be destined for big things, because that would obligate me to all kinds of shit not commensurate with a quiet life.

    Shady Lady, by Ann Aguirre

  10. Hi Shiloh,

    My sentence’s come from Lisa Renee Jones new release The Legend of Michael.

    “Michael knows he’s X2 postive,” she said. “And he knows you knew and didn’t tell him. Did you know your father was going to lock him away because of it?”

    Teresa K.

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