My lack of being here


So those of you who know what I used to do in my former life…I’m sort of temporarily doing it again to help a couple of friends out.  It’s rough juggling that one top of my own workload, which still has to be done, which is why I’m not around a whole lot right now.

Things will slowly return to normal sometime.


3 Replies to “My lack of being here”

  1. Hey all! Just a reminder while Shiloh is out for the next bit, if you have questions, please check the FAQ page and search around the site, as your question could be answered already ;). If you can’t find the answer, feel free to ask on the open FAQ page and Shiloh or myself will answer as soon as we can.

    You can also find me on Facebook (Nicole S-Walker) or on twitter (@admn_swalker). I am pretty good about sifting information on those places as well (oh and I try to NOT be boring LOL). Thanks!

  2. Hi Shiloh
    We’ll be here whenever you’re ready.

    Hi Nicole
    Good we have you holding down the fort.
    have a good one.

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