About Friday’s 56, a gift for Kelly and an impromptu contest

So we hit the 56 comments.  Regardless of whether we did it or not, I was going to make the donation.  What can I say…this picture got to me…

I also had another thing planned.  Now this part isn’t a contest, but a gift.

I’ve always tried to give, whether it’s through charities, helping out at my kids’ school when I could, or whatnot.   Even when I couldn’t do much more than drop a dollar or two in the bellringer’s bucket at Christmastime, that’s what I’d do.  Some people have told me that well…ya know a lot of that money doesn’t even get to those who need it.  But some of it does.  And if nobody gives, then none of the money gets to those who do need it, right?

So I try to give.  And when I give, even if it wasn’t the reason I gave, I’ve noticed that I tend to get some sort of blessing.  Maybe it’s not right away.  Actually, it’s rarely right away. Those blessings tend to be a gradual thing and that’s fine.  And the point of this long ramble is this…

When you give, very often, you get back.

And I want to give Kelly a gift.

Kelly posted:

“Besides, why should I be all the helpful? You don’t believe me anyways”

Page 56. ARC of Eternal Kiss by Laura Wright

You are great Shiloh. I will be making a donation too. If you get 56 comments and make the donation let me know and I will match it!!

Just email me or twitter me and let me know when you get 56. :)


Kelly wanted to give.  This wasn’t a contest.  Anybody that was willing to make a commitment to donate, I’d planned to send a gift to.  (It’s also too late to chime in now…sorry!) Nope, I didn’t post anything about this because I don’t think people should give a gift just to get one.  It’s just a weird twist of fate that when you give to others, it finds a way back to you in some way shape or form.

So I need Kelly to email me… shilohwalker(at)gmail.com

Now onto that impromptu contest.  We had 60 comments.  A couple were doubles, but that’s fine.  60 comments.  Had a heck of a lot more hits on the blog than 60, but 60 took the time to leave a comment.  So 60 names go into the pot, and one name comes out for an impromptu prize…

That would be…

Diane V, who commented:

“True Heart” by Delilah Devlin: She wanted it all.

Great cause – hope you get to 56 comments quickly.

Diane is getting a prize.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to comment.  And a special thanks to Kelly.  🙂 Since this wasn’t a typical contest, me or my admin will be emailing Diane and Kelly in a day or two if I don’t hear from them.

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  1. Thank you Shiloh for sharing with us… If I can give just a little to help someone out then I have done something right for the day.


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