A real life hero…one who now needs some heroes to help him

If you’ve ever heard or heard much about the atrocities that happen in the Congo, chances are anything good that’s happening there, lives saved, help given, it can be tied to this man…
He’s devoted his life to helping others and now his life is in jeopardy-he has acute renal failure and without a kidney transplant, he’s probably not going to make it.

Our Story

Pastor Marrion P’Udongo has been called the “Oskar Schindler” of Congo, a man who’s dedicated himself to saving and nurturing the lives of others in one of the world’s most deadliest wars. In 2003, as militia sacked the town of Bunia in northeastern Congo and executed hundreds of their ethnic rivals in the streets, the pastor sheltered scores of people in his home and miraculously guided them to safety. In the years since, his one-man ministry has reached deep into the forest to bring out child soldiers to live once again as children, and insured the welfare of those children whose parents have been killed by war. In order to finance this mission and support his family, Pastor Marrion has worked as a translator and fixer for the world’s leading news agencies who cover the conflict, including the New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, BBC, PBS, NPR, and ABC’s Nightline. If you’ve read a story about Congo in recent years, or seen one on television, the pastor probably helped produce it.

This past year, Pastor Marrion was diagnosed with acute renal failure. He’s currently receiving dialysis in Kampala, Uganda. But in order to survive, he will need a costly kidney transplant.Please help us raise money to pay for the transplant, and to send pastor to either Kigali, Rwanda, or Johannesburg, South Africa for the procedure.

This effort is being spearheaded by journalist Bryan Mealer, photographer Marcus Bleasdaleand filmmaker Taylor Krauss, who have all worked with pastor in Congo and not only value him as a trusted colleague, but as a dear and close friend.

The Impact

In a country short on heroes, the pastor’s presence is immense. To a community broken and scattered by a decade of fighting, his constant presence was like a lighthouse flickering home. Over the past several years, he’s also helped operate the St. Kizito Orphanage in Bunia, which looks after over a hundred children who’s parents died in the war. In a conflict where local journalists are often targeted and murdered, pastor is also one of the only remaining fixers to work with foreign media. For years, he’s helped give voice to thousands of people victimized and displaced by violence, and more specifically, to the countless number of women and girls in eastern Congo who are raped each year by soldiers and militia and who receive no justice.

The clock is ticking, and without this transplant, the pastor will die. His wife and four children could lose a beloved husband, father, and breadwinner. Without the pastor in the field, the country loses a hero and a leader, while the voices of those he’s championed go forever unheard.

If you can give $5 0r $10… more… this guys sounds like a hero and the Congo needs all the heroes they can get.

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