When was your last sleepover?


And how many of you are going… say what?

But I’m serious…when was your last sleepover?  Not for your kids, but you.  As in a friend crashed at your place.  And you just talked.  I just had one of those.  And it was kind of fun.  As in we stayed up talking until… um…5 am?

You see, in mostly joking manner, without completely realizing just how obsessively organized this lady is, I mentioned to my friend aka admin aka sanity saver Nicole that I could desperately use some help when my new desk arrived.  It’s not exactly a desk-it’s like a writing desk, with two hutches, a filing cabinet, etc.  Up until Saturday, I’d had one metal filing cabinet, a rolltop desk and I made do by shoving everything here, there, putting it into the attic.  But I had next to no place to keep things organized here-as in right around me.  (Still working on that).

But Nicole, being obsessively organized, when it comes to books and such, wanted to do this.  Granted, I think she probably enjoyed the opportunity to pick my brain about books and such.  And since she’s fairly close, but not entirely close…anyway, long story short, she wanted to come help, come talk, and we decided she’d just come up.  And there were margaritas.

We talked. Until 5am.

We got up between 8:30 and 9:00, and then took the kids to breakfast…the DH had to work.  We came home and I alternately griped about the desk not arriving and moped, while she laughed at me.

When the desk got here, we got it positioned where I needed it-this was a mad rush because I wanted it done BEFORE the DH got home.  And then…she organized my shelves.  It was disturbing.  She used a list.  People… a list.  Is that normal?

But, normal or not, the shelves are neat.  And I’ve got organization.

Yes, take note of the toys on the floor.  I’m still trying to get across the point that this is my office… sigh.  Anyway…I had a sleepover, I got organization.  Nicole?  She got pizza and books and info. And margaritas.

7 Replies to “When was your last sleepover?”

  1. ROFL! It was a lot of fun :). I think I’m still recovering ;). Oh, and I did NOT laugh at you…j/s. I haven’t done that type of thing (stay up talking) in years. I was happy to help. And I just want to make sure you guys know, I didn’t go to pick Shiloh’s brain about books, but when you have things in common such as books, well, of course you talk about those things *G*. I’m super happy she likes her space. That pic doesn’t do it justice. It seriously rocks.

  2. Awesome office space! I love the cerulean blue on the walls. It looks like you have plenty of room to grow in that office. Lots of shelf space to fill.

    I haven’t had a sleep over since I have been married (15 yrs). I think it would be fun to have one now!

  3. @Stacie… LOL… um, it won’t take any time to fill the shelves. Most of the ones on the left are already stacked double. The others are already more than half full. But I have some workable file space and organization space. That’s what I needed.

  4. My last sleepover was actually about 2004. Several members of one of my Yahoogroups got together at one of the member’s houses for a weekend. A smaller group of us was due to go on a tour of Scotland that summer, and it was a chance for us to meet each other in person prior to the tour. We had a wonderful time.

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