Oh, pretty, pretty…another indie project

Just a reminder, before anybody asks, the indie projects are ones that I’m doing on my own, working in around the stuff I’ve got contracted.

In other words…it’s extra and I have to squeeze it in when I have time, so I don’t have set release date… it depends on when I finish writing it, and then getting it edited…I plan on using different people for a while…good way to get used to doing these freelance things.

Once it’s edited, then I got to do my part again, go through it, format it (that’s not fast) and after that, there’s the pain in the tail of uploading and all.

Indie means I do it alone and I have to all of this before it’s ready for you all. When I have an idea of when it will be done, I’ll post the info here, I promise!

Now…wanna see the pretty?


Designed by Angela Waters

No blurb yet… it’s a contemporary, I can tell you that. Beyond that…um. Well, brain is mush.

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  1. Ooooh…. love the cover!! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. I had no idea so much went into these indie projects. Thanks for taking the time to write these extras!

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