Grimm # 5 Locked in Silence… Saturday Snippets

Dunno when this is going to be out-still haven’t gotten any word back but here’s an excerpt…

Scratch that-I wrote this blog sometime early this week-a few days later, was contacted by my editor at Samhain and offered contract.  So it will be out at Samhain.  Still don’t know when.  Ebook only at first, print later…

He’d laid out the deal that night.

She’d accepted, still half-thinking he was out of his mind. Even though, somewhere inside, she knew he wasn’t. Will was about as sane as they came. And tonight, she realized, it was time for her to make good on that deal he’d offered.

She hadn’t thought she’d be so afraid. Her hands were sweating, she realized. The death she tasted in the air—it was hers. And they were close.

Succubae—more of them. Man, she hated their kind. They so loved this sort of place. Hot and ripe for the picking, after all. Full of the young, the restless and the horny. After that first initial rush, her heart rate settled down to something resembling normal and she leaned closer to the mirror, under the guise of examining her makeup.

The girls were still jabbering. Still giggling about dresses—somebody else’s now. Feeling sort of disconnected, Vanya realized they had noticed her. Habit, forged in a lifetime where she’d been happier to fade into the background, had her wanting to hunch her shoulders and just mumble an apology, disappear. Instinct dictated she stay where she was.

Pride did the same thing. Pride also had her lifting her chin and meeting the gaze of the girls’ in the mirror.

That was when they saw the scars. Eyes widened. Mouths dropped.

Over the past few years, Vanya had learned never to let anybody see a reaction off of her, not through a blush, a nervous smile or laughter. One girl—the girl with the transparent dress—met Vanya’s gaze, then shifted her stare to the scars.

With a snicker, she jabbed her friend with an elbow and said in a pseudo-whisper, “Geez, hasn’t she ever heard of plastic surgery?”

“Holy shit, Robbi, you didn’t just say that!” One of the girls, her face stricken, looked at Vanya with wide eyes. “Girl, I am so sorry. She’s drunk and she doesn’t always think good when she’s drunk. I’m sorry.”

Turning around, Vanya lifted a brow. “Why? You didn’t say it.” Then she looked at Robbi, studied her face and wondered if this foolish kid would live through the night, if Vanya would have to be the one to kill her.

It bothered her. Life was precious—Vanya had seen too much death, her grandmother, both of her parents, her sister. Not to mention all the lives she’d ended in her quest to destroy the demonic before they destroyed more lives.

But whether it bothered her or not, Vanya wouldn’t let it stop her. If the girl let one of those things inside her, though, Vanya would kill her. Robbi wasn’t strong enough to fight it and Vanya would be damned if she let the little bimbo infect anybody.

She wasn’t precognitive, although she did have a knack for knowing when somebody was about to die. No, she was just psychic but she understood the laws of karma.

Somehow, she had a feeling this chick here had caught the sights of a succubae. The door opened not even a heartbeat later.

As the punch of sex, slick power and sweet perfume flooded the air, Vanya reached up and absently touched the silver chain. It held the silver cross that had belonged to Irina.

Okay, big sis…I get a feeling this is it.

The succubae slid Vanya a look and sure enough, she caught a glimpse of something not quite human peering out from behind those mortal eyes. A typical, well adjusted human would look at her and just want to get the hell away.

Vanya wasn’t surprised when several of the girls standing next to Robbi sidled away, putting some distance between themselves and the demon-possessed mortal.

“Score one for me,” she whispered.

Of course, Robbi looked at the succubae with a cocked brow, a cocked hip, and a cocky smile.

Vanya sighed and glanced at the others.

“You all might want to leave,” she said. Then she shifted her gaze to Robbi and smirked. “And you should go home and change—the dress doesn’t make you look any sluttier than getting fucked on the hood of some guy’s SmartCar, but sweetie, that color doesn’t look good on you anyway.”

Robbi went red, then white but Vanya didn’t spare her another five seconds.

Looking past her, she stared at the succubae and debated her choices. If she really, really wanted to minimize human contact, she needed the succubae out of here. And maybe she could let Robbi live another day or two—who knows, she could always grow a brain cell or two.

With an internal sigh, she made a choice and sauntered toward the succubae.

She knew how to appeal to this kind of demon. After all, she’d been killing them on the sly for years. But always one on one, which required luring them away from the rest. And there was more than one demon in this club…Vanya could feel them.

With a silent prayer, she made her choice. She’d been told a few years ago, when the time was right, she wouldn’t be alone.

Didn’t seem like there would be a better time than now.

Oddly enough, she felt pretty damn alone.