*G* Yes… another BEG ME Update…and a question

;o)  You tired of them yet?

I received a nice review for BEG ME at The Romance Reviewsyou can check it out here.

It’s still not listed at Borders or the Sony store, sadness and sulk.

Now I’ve got a question.  How many people would be interested in seeing future indie projects listed at All Romance eBooks?  If there’s not a lot of interest, I’m not going to mess with it, but if there is some interest, I’ll look into it when I’ve got time-that might not be for a little while, but I did want to at least see if there’s interest.

7 Replies to “*G* Yes… another BEG ME Update…and a question”

  1. I tend to buy most of my ebooks at Amazon (I have a Kindle) but All Romance Ebooks makes it pretty easy to transfer ebooks I buy from them. So sure!

  2. just so evevery1 know if u have a sony ereader u can download it from smashwords and works just fine! U keep writing shiloh and i’ll keep buying god bless u and urs!

  3. I’m a big fan of All Romance Ebooks, but I’ll buy wherever your books are available 🙂

  4. I have the Sony ereader too and downloaded my copy of Beg Me from Smashwords with no problem – thanks to your heads up email alert. I get my books from All Romance too, or MBAM. I hope Sony adds your indies soon – idiots!
    By the way – I review for YouGottaReadReviews, we’ll post a review of your book in the next week – I loved it!

  5. I like All Romance because of their reward program, and it’s also easy to gift books from there. Although amazon has since picked up that feature – and it works great 😀 I gave someone a copy of Bet Me and there were no problems.

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