New thing on the site…OPEN FAQ

So I left Goodreads, and I’m shutting down my regular page on FB. But I promise I’m not going to disappear…I’m still around on twitter, although I’ll probably be cutting back some due to deadlines.

Still, I’m around.

And for those who can’t find answers to questions either at the FAQ page, on the What’s New page or by checking on the page of the book/series page…there’s now an open FAQ.  Please note… this isn’t the open FAQ.  To avoid confusion…*G* today, there will be no comments allowed.

I want them at the FAQ page, which is a static page, meaning it won’t eventually end up lost the way blog pages do.  So if you have a question, click on the OPEN FAQ.  The page can be found by hovering your mouse above the FAQ section in my link bar above as well.