Beg Me Updates

Okay, so Beg Me still isn’t showing up at the other outlets. Bleh.  Generally it gets loaded by B&N faster than this, although I guess the holiday could have thrown things off.

For those wondering why I just haven’t loaded it myself to these places-try to understand this is work… a lot of it, and it’s work I have to fit in around everything else I’m doing.  Loading it to one place (Smashwords) that does all the work for me, or taking several hours for each avenue (Yeah, it’s going to be a couple of hours because I have to change the front matter that I put into each of the books, I have to research & check out their terms of service, etc).

So once I find the info I need on the various venues, like PubIT for instance…and assuming they have acceptable terms (some of the various bookstore ebook platforms do not have acceptable terms,  BTW, not IMO-they don’t suit me so I’ll wait for them to pick up the book through Smashwords rather than deal direct).

Even after all of this is done, then you often have issues with things like the file getting kicked back and I’m no formatting genius.  Or the cover getting kicked back for some unknown reason (unknown to me which sends my screaming to me graphics lady in a panic).

Assuming their process is simple, and some of them are anything but…hopefully you can see that this isn’t just as simple as registering and clicking ‘upload’.

But I am watching & *hopefully* it won’t be much longer before it shows at B&N.  But um…Kobo, the Sony store, etc?  They are slower than hell.

Now… another couple of reviews…